COVID-19 Testing

We are currently only offering COVID-19 testing to those without symptoms and for travel certificates. If you currently have symptoms, and need a COVID-19 test, we kindly ask that you contact one of the other test centers in Zürich.

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Testing information

When is a test recommended?

The current recommendations from the BAG on testing can be found here.

If you do not know if you need a test or if you have any other medical questions, please contact the Federal Office of Public Health Infoline (058 463 00 00).

Coverage of Costs

The government will cover the costs of your COVID-19 Test based on this criteria.

As of March 15, 2021, the government will cover the costs for all Rapid Antigen Tests. This means that you can now be tested with these tests free of charge even if you do not have any Coronavirus symptoms.

Whether or not the federal government will cover the cost of PCR testing depends on why you are getting tested:

  • Costs for PCR tests are covered if you get tested because you have symptoms, a notification from the SwissCovid App or Pool-test, or were recommended to by your doctor or another medical professional.

  • Costs for PCR tests are not covered if, for example, you need a negative test result for travel.

So if you need a PCR test for a trip, you will have to cover the costs of this test yourself. Payment must be made at the time of your test and only via credit card or Twint.

Price List

  • PCR Test for Travel - 171 CHF
  • Travel Certificate - 15 CHF
  • Fit-to-Travel Certificate - 50 CHF

When will I get the result?

For the PCR Test: You will usually receive the result within 24 hours (max 48 hours).
For the Rapid Antigen Test: You will receive the result by e-mail usually within 30 minutes (max 2 hours).

Swiss COVID-Certificate

If you are tested with us, and the test is negative, you will receive a COVID-Certificate. You will receive the certificate when you receive your test result.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me?

Please always bring your health insurance card or details of your health insurance (insurance number, card number) with you to your appointment. We need these even if your test is free of charge for you. If you are getting a travel certificate and want your passport number on your travel certificate, then please bring that with you as well.


Does the COVID-19 Test Center also issue travel certificates?

Yes, as long as you do not have COVID-19 symptoms. Once your test result is ready (in English), we will send the travel certificate by e-mail. The issuing of a travel certificate costs 15 CHF, which must be paid upfront and in person at our cashier. The travel certificate can be issued in English, French or German. Please note that a travel certificate is not the same as a Fit-To-Fly certificate. A Fit-To-Fly certificate varies by country and requires a medical consultation. The Fit-to-Fly certificate costs 50 CHF.

How long is the wait time at the COVID-19 Test Center?

We make every effort to complete the testing process quickly and efficiently. Therefore an appointment is required for testing. Even with an appointment though, in some cases, there may be shorter waiting times.

There are no more free appointments. What can I do?

You can inquire at the Ärztefon (0800 33 66 55) about other test sites in your area.

Is your laboratory ISO 15189 certified?

Our laboratory that analyzes our PCR tests is ISO 17025 certified and its accreditation (in English) can be found online here.

Some travel destinations, such as Hong Kong, require a specific ISO certification and/or lab accreditation. Please verify with the embassy of your respective destination whether or not our lab accreditation is sufficient.

There is a spelling mistake on my Travel Certificate. What can I do about it?

Please tell us and we can fix it for you! You can reach us either by phone (044 634 60 00) or email (

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